My Story

My name is Aakriti and i am a home cook and this is my story about how my hobby of cooking turned into some serious passion and outgrown love for food. When i was a kid i used to watch my mother spending hours in the kitchen not because she was made to do so but because of her passion for cooking , the smile and satisfaction on her face while cooking for her loved ones was the ultimate inspiration for me in some or the other way. I cannot deny that she taught me all the tricks for cooking simply delicious food, she always used to mention that one simple trick for cooking good food is love. Yup, love is the key ingredient. As i grew older i got into baking stuff, yup it is my mantra to get relief from all the mental stress. 

So coming back to point, i made this blog to share my favorite recipes from all around the world and anyone of you can make it trust me its that simple and absolutely delish!!!! 

Just give it a try once and it will be worth it .



Kind Regards

Aakriti sharma